Textkraft; An Impossibly Efficient and Useful Way to Use Words

Textkraft; An Impossibly Efficient and Useful Way to Use Words

Apps like Textkraft are a rare breed. These apps are so damn comprehensive that they beg to be used by a desktop counterpart, and the fact that they’re designed and driven toward iOS is simply boggling. Weighing in at under 30MB and boasting 16 International dictionaries, this app can take a writing amateur to veteran in weeks flat. For those of us that might write for a living, simply take notes occasionally, or anything in-between, Textkraft is a must.

We’re blown away by the amount of features that are packed into this tiny little app, which certainly deserves a few bucks and some change, if not more.

Features: [Rating:5/5]
If you’ve ever taken notes via Evernote or the inherent “Note” app included in your iOS device, you may notice that they’re lacking when it comes to overall functionality. Sure, these apps let you write, but you sure won’t be drafting a manuscript or working to publish a draft on those apps.

Textkraft is different, arguably it has everything your Word Processor currently has, if not even more. Some of the best and most notable features are as follows: the ability to work with multiple documents, by swiping, the ability to select words, sentences and phrases through tapping, placing your cursor via touchscreen, inserting quotation marks or brackets via abbreviated gestures, undo/redo to your hearts content, and hop between 16 (offline) dictionaries to utilize your language of choice! These languages range from Dansk, Deutsch, English Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Svenska, Türkçe, and more, while including regional dialogue and nuance.

Most impressively, and fully utilizing iOS 7/8 functionality, words can be dictated directly into the app by utilizing Siri. Imagine a flawless combination of oral dictation and touchscreen editing, and you’ve got the ability to churn out a truly significant amount of content via Textkraft. There are even more features to describe, but we recommend you download and explore.


Concept and Functionality: [Rating:5/5]
The app is impossibly light, extremely quick, and somehow makes writing a breeze. Without having to cram words into a tiny space or word about misspellings, Textkraft quickly becomes like your own personal editor, helping you to achieve profound content in minutes flat. While it can’t get your novel published, it can actually make you far more efficient while writing it.

In general, the app was quick, never froze or crashed, and also displays an aesthetically brilliant logo and clean, sexy display. If you couldn’t tell by now, our accolades are definitely going out to this app and its developers.

Overall Value: [Rating:5/5]
Sure the app might cost a little bit more than usual, but this one is without a doubt worth every penny. With rave reviews soaring across the App Store, and 2.8 millions of the iPad version and counting, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and download the app. If you’ve ever been tempted to improve your verbiage and utilize iOS or iPad further, Textkraft is your one stop shop to do so.