Best Song You’ve Never Heard #007: Dusky – Careless

Best Song You’ve Never Heard #007: Dusky – Careless

Just shy of a year ago, the first edition of Best Song You’ve Never Heard was published by Cult Classic as a nod toward cult-favorite tracks that had been overlooked by the swollen nucleus of popular culture. As the brand worked to expand their lens and curate exceptional moments across emerging music and culture, they began to leverage digital, DIY publishing to provide honest editorial coverage amidst the swaths of Tumblr accounts and bite-sized tidbits endlessly cascading through the Internet.

Fast forward to 2016, and Cult Classic’s “Good News” is quickly burgeoning as a hotbed of exposure for young talent; premiering some of the most daring hip-hop to come out of Philadelphia in years, alongside audacious art-rap projects that denounce the traditional aesthetic of rap music altogether.

For this edition of the Best Song You’ve Never Heard series, we welcome Dusky as a proud addendum to the BSYNH alumni. The London-based electronic duo consists of producers Alfie-Granger Howell and Nick Harriman, who started their collaborative efforts in 2008 under the lesser known moniker (Solarity), but hit stride after launching Dusky in 2011. Since, the two have developed a deep propensity for driving house rhythms that deliver bass with a persistently guttural sensation and in the process, have constructed some of the strongest house and dance tracks of the decade.


It’s been several years since Dusky’s 2013 Careless was officially released, a four track EP which cruised amidst the electronic dance music periphery relatively unnoticed besides a smattering of write-ups and a brief visit to Beatport’s Top 100. For the most part the EP’s leadoff track, “Careless” went overlooked as well, a standout single which carries its percussive build clean across a flawlessly strung arch of staccato baselines.

At six and a half minutes, the song builds and breaks countless times while leveraging the same indiscernible hook, but manages to pace itself both tightly and methodically enough that each chorus is heard anew. By the time the track finally chisels itself down to the point of exhaustion, it leaves behind a resonance of base and melody that stirs into the quiet moments well after the track has already drawn to a close.

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