Beautifyer Will Boost Your Tunes

Beautifyer Will Boost Your Tunes


Using your mobile device to play music is always a nice treat. Whether it’s streaming from Spotify or curating a playlist on Soundcloud, your iPhone or iPad can bust out some pretty loud tunes, and will sound even better if you hook them up into some high-quality speakers.

In the vein of music enhancement and optimization, the Beautifyer App is prepared to make your easy listening even crisper and more refined than ever before. It uses advanced audio technology to optimize the sound from your purchased tunes, and deliver them to you in top quality. For audiophiles and music junkies, Beautifyer is a steal!

Features: [Rating:5/5]

The app describes its complex ability to re-organize and improve sound with the following concise description; “The process filters and analyses a stereo signal with specially designed algorithms that expands two-channel sound”. Now even if you don’t understand that, you’ll hear the difference. And that’s what really counts. Often music from your iPhone might sound compressed and a little flatter than you would like.

By running your favorite songs through Beautifyer instead, you experience fuller sound. The latest version of the app is refined for iOS7, including a new interface and aesthetic experience. Of course, you can choose any of several presets to boost the sound according to your taste, and then share with your friends via Social Media.


Concept and Functionality: [Rating:5/5]

The concept of this app is sound (pun intended) and actually sorely needed. I listen to my iPhone so much that I wish I had downloaded this app sooner, which can help you get the most out of your favorite tunes.

In general, it downloads quickly, runs smoothly and is extremely easy to navigate as well. The functionality of this app is at its core, and allows users to hook into their favorite tunes quite easily.

Overall Value: [Rating:5/5]

This one is absolutely free, with no strings attached. Without paying a penny, you’ll be able to experience the full range of sound offered by the app. There’s no downside to this one, and we’re sure that this music application is going to gather scores of fans in no time.