Sunshine – Simple Weather Forecast Is Lightweight And Stunning

Sunshine – Simple Weather Forecast Is Lightweight And Stunning

Sunshine simple weather forecast is one of those rare and delightful little apps that throws absolutely no punches. It does exactly what it says that it will do, and has absolutely no downside to downloading. The app reports the weather in a simple and beautiful fashion, and leaves it at that! We’ve given this app a flawless rating, well, because it’s absolutely flawless!

Features: [Rating:5/5]

A lot of apps come with bells and whistles, advertisements, in-app purchases, premium versions, and general pollution. This app is the opposite. It reports the temperature, in any location, in both degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. It projects the weather for a four day span, and divides its descriptions into “Wind”, “Air pressure”, “Feels Like”, and “Humidity”.

The app allows you to choose your current location via GPS, and then add additional locations (for the especially curious like myself, I’ve investigated the climate in Tokyo for the time being).


Concept and Functionality: [Rating:5/5]

The app is visibly designed for iOS 7 and boasts an extremely polished and vibrant interface. The color of the screen will change periodically, and according to location. I’m not sure if the colors directly relate to the temperature and time, but if so, brownie points for sure. The app runs smoothly, never crashes, and is aesthetically and functionally balanced in a manner that’s truly rare.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of various apps, and this immediately strikes me as an app that was marvelously crafted. It’s got graphics that emulate a mix between “Rise” (an alarm clock app) and “Soundcloud” (a music app). Something about the app is just spot on, and it looks absolutely brilliant when used on the iPhone 5.

The app itself is only a remarkable 2.7 MB, so it’s basically invisible. It will take up no room on your phone, and downloads in a flash (literally).

Overall Value: [Rating:5/5]

Here’s an app that flaunts simplicity, and delivers one thousand times over. It delivers accurate weather reports and projections, and does so with class and tact. If you are looking for a stunning weather app to supplement your existing weather app, then we’ve definitely got to recommend Sunshine – Simple Weather Forecast. By the time you press download, you’ve already got it, and you definitely won’t regret it no matter the weather.