You Slept On This – Issue 8

You Slept On This – Issue 8

Atlas Sound – Shelia (CRACKS remix)

Bradford Cox’s ingenious Logos album contains a wide array of eclectic distortions interwoven seamlessly with friendly hooks. One of the most accessible songs on the album is “Sheila,” a song which sways with simplicity and crooning vocals. This CRACKS remix takes the soothing song and adds an electronic pop to it, creating an entirely new feeling.

ysot-atlas shield- shelia


Dr. Dog – My Old Ways

Philadelphia rockers Dr. Dog, (not to be confused with DJ Dog Dick who I coincidently encountered at some random house party in Philly) manage to create music that has a new approach to a classic sound. This song was turned on to me recently (stay tuned for some impending remixes of the track) and I had to share it. The introduction feels like an almost intentional discord, which blossoms into a beautifully orchestrated anthem.

ysot-mr dog-my old ways


Walking In Chinatown (Empire Of The Sun x Wild Nothing)

I’m wary of the mashup cluster-fuck clogging the internet. It seems like everyone with a computer and a face can say, “Hey! This Biggie track would sound DOPE over that one song from Aladdin.” However, there are those who have mastered the art of layering and twisting old pop songs into new gems. This mashup by The Hood Internet is a recent favorite, allowing the contemporary classic “Walking On a Dream” to float upon the airy sounds of Wild Nothing.

ysot-empire sun-chinatown