Wavves – West Coast Surf Pop Sound

Wavves – West Coast Surf Pop Sound

Wavves, west coast surf-pop extraordinaires, have been growing on me for quite some time now; their lo-fi power chords often helping to fuel my footsteps when I’d otherwise be too exhausted. The song “Horse Shoes” is no exception, sounding like a cut from King of the Beach and displaying subdued vocals perfectly executed by front man Nathan Williams, each line soars over crunchy guitar riffs reminiscent of old school Green Day long before they started to slather polish on every track. While the lyrics border on the nihilistic and absurd, the track’s constant tempo changes make for a compelling B-side:

“I know, but I don’t know what to do
You say, everything you say
We’re born to lose…

Could you ride your horse with no shoes?
Cause there’s nothing that I won’t do
When there’s nowhere else, there’s no more going…”

The track concludes in a manic frenzy of percussion and furious guitar and finally, a skateboard lands an audible ollie and rolls away with wheels soundly against the pavement. When Wavves can make a throwaway track that’s more rich and varied than most post-punk singles, you know you’ve got something worth listening to. Tune in to the release below: