Punch an Evil Boss Instead Of The Clock With Office Rumble

Punch an Evil Boss Instead Of The Clock With Office Rumble

Action games on iOS and iPad are a dime a dozen, but sometimes something new comes out of the gate with an entirely original spin.

Office Rumble, from PNIX Games, is a fun cathartic release that gives you a way to get back at evil bosses in a unique and hilarious way.

You’ll have some intense 3 on 3 combat style fighting in this title, where your character will take aim at evil bosses across the universe!

This game will resonate hugely with those cramped into a cubicle or whose boss won’t stop sneezing into the refrigerator in the common room.

It’s dynamic, edgy, and exactly what you’ve been looking for if you’ve been stuck punching the clock instead of your boss.

office rumble

Features: 5/5

The game boasts a cohesive storyline to bring you in and make you dead-set on conquering evil bosses thrown your way. You’ll gain access to play with more characters as you progress, and the story itself is continuously entertaining to keep you involved and eager for more action.

You can choose between 3 on 3 or 5 on 5 action as you coast through cartoon combat.

Concept and Functionality: 5/5

The app is a little weighty at over 60MB, but once it downloads (which we recommend completing over Wi-Fi) it opens, loads and runs very smoothly.

The developers of this app promise to update it each and every month, and with the last update coming less than a week ago, seem to come through on their word.

Thus far, the crowd seems to love the action packed fun found in Office Rumble. Even the Facebook fan page of this App is swarming with new and old fans alike waiting for the next update or improvement.

The app especially boasts its ability to act as a stress reliever, and scores of fans attest to that idea as well.

Overall Value: 5/5

In general, we had a great time playing this app and give our accolades to the developers for a unique and hilarious gaming experience.

While the game does not contain riveting three-dimensional CGI, it’s simply not meant to.

It achieves greatness by being partly comic, partly cartoon, partly game, and a whole lot of action-adventure goodness.

office rumble