The Progressive Jiffies App is a Successful Nod Toward Wearable Tech

The Progressive Jiffies App is a Successful Nod Toward Wearable Tech

The times they are a changing. With the anticipated release of the Apple Watch coming this year, and CES 2015 creating quite a buzz in Vegas and across the web, everyone is looking at the App marketplace to keep up with evolving wearable hardware.

Now, Jiffies, from Diethard Seiferth, is poised to capitalize on the impending evolution of tech and specifically, “wearable tech”.

The developers set out to answer an important question: where is technology going and what is the most fluid and progressive method for incorporating it into our daily life? If it’s the Apple Watch, then what would make this item most useful on a day to day basis?

Jiffies was designed specifically to make your life more efficient, by creating a more fluent and fluid calendar, and succeeds in spades.

While the task seems simple, it’s not. Jiffies does an excellent job of bringing the functionality of the calendar to the size of a watch. It’s an interesting statement of modern ergonomic design and anticipates new developments in wearable tech.

Features: 4.5/5

The app will cost just under $3.00 off the bat, and will need to access your contacts to get up to speed. We’d like to see an optional sync with the “Sunshine” calendar app as well (or Facebook), as this app is used heavily and already imports Facebook events and birthdays, which are the most abundant source of contact details for many.


Most importantly, the app boasts a dual interface, displaying two circles, one inner and one outer. One represents AM, and one represents PM, but the display is wrapped around in a forward thinking interface.

Jiffies intends to maximize efficiency by doing so, and save you the hassle of thumbing through days and dates in your standard calendar app.

Concept and Functionality: 4.5/5

The app is easy to get used to, and is ultimately a successfully constructed experiment on iOS. We’d like to see it rolled out with different styles and customizable aesthetic templates to help users find their voice within the app, but the native display is clean in itself.

There’s room to grow, but the app has already accomplished a great deal. It also boasts a quick download, and no bugs or forced shutdowns.

Value: 5/5

This app could easily become part of Apple’s native calendar interface if it were to be adapted by the right people at the right time.

It’s forward thinking design justifies the price tag, and we’re excited by this app and it’s implications in progressive wearable tech.