Inkedly is a Booming Social Community for Tattoo Enthusiasts

Inkedly is a Booming Social Community for Tattoo Enthusiasts

The mass social migration toward the web has left us with an infinite way to connect, and a million things to talk about. There are apps to find the best place to eat, the best barber, the best veterinarian, and now, the best tattoo. Yup, to find the best tattoo artist, or to display your own, now all you need to do is download the Inkedly App.

The app takes a social and aesthetic approach to Social Networking, allowing users to like photos, follow users, repost photos, and build an extensive profile. If you’re squeaky clean and wouldn’t dream of a tattoo, there’s no need to download. However, on the other side of the coin, if you’re pondering your next tattoo or hoping to link up with other enthusiasts, you may have just found the perfect app to do so.

Features: [Rating:4.5/5]

The app has a bit of a lengthy login process, requiring an email and password, re-entry of the information, and then creation of a username. Once you’re into the app, you can navigate between five primary sections: ‘home’, ‘explore’, ‘camera’, ‘notification’, and ‘profile’. Construction and implementation of Inkedly is definitely in the vein of Instagram, with navigation toward the bottom of the app and photo displays at the core of exploration and interaction. You can follow, repost, take photos and much more, simply by poking around in the app for a few minutes. We’d like to see a guest login option to incentivize more user growth as the app continues to evolve.

Concept and Functionality: [Rating:4.5/5]

The app is a bit weighty at over 53MB, so be sure to download this one over Wi-Fi. The app runs smoothly, and navigation is relatively seamless as you move from section to section and explore the app. The concept will definitely resonate with a certain demographic, though if you’re not a huge fan of tattoos you may not find the app all too useful.
Overall Value: [Rating:4.5/5]

The app is free and over time, will definitely develop a substantial user base. If it becomes somewhat of a ‘Yelp’ for tattoo artists, it could grow even further, so be sure to keep your eye on this app in coming months.


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