CliqPass Photo Provides Seamless Media Exchange

CliqPass Photo Provides Seamless Media Exchange

From Instagram to Facebook and beyond, we love to post our photos online. Sometimes the only thing needed to cap your weekend off perfectly is an easy Sunday evening, postings pictures of your best mates looking their finest from the night before. The CliqPass Photo app is an innovative free download that allows you to request photos from friends and family in a totally seamless way. Rather than text a friend, reminding them to send you your favorite flic, simply work within the app to facilitate a quick and easy transfer.

Features: [Rating:5/5]

The app leverages the already ubiquitous storage devices we’ve grown to love. Choose from Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, select a friend from your contact list and presto. A request is really that easy. If you’re swapping files, this might just be one of the simplest ways to do it.

The app doesn’t require a login, although you’ll need friend’s details to send or request the desired media. It’s totally free, with an in-app purchase option for heavy users and those that wish to completely maximize the app.































Concept and Functionality: [Rating:5/5]

The build of the app is relatively flawless, with minimalism being the crux. Rather than overload you with features that you may or may not use, CliqPass Photo chooses to give you only what you need, and strip the rest. The app is divided into “Request”, “Respond”, and “Share”. You can dig into the settings to create a membership or adjust your Wi-Fi transfer size, but these are all add-ons that come after getting familiar with the app itself and its central functions. This approach is subtle, clean, and generally excellent. This also helps to create an app that is an impossible 3.4 total MB and downloads in seconds flat.

CP 2

Overall Value: [Rating:5/5]

The app is free and essentially gives you a new way to exchange media with your best buds. It’s got an unpretentious build and low-barrier to entry (this could also read “free”) and gives you no reason not to download. Next time you need to hunt down your mate for some pictures, try logging into CliqPass and pressing the “Request” button instead.

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