Centrallo Is Your Central Stop For Seamless Organization

Centrallo Is Your Central Stop For Seamless Organization

Things are speeding up all the time, and we all need a way to stay better organized and on top of our crazy schedules.

Whether you’re glued to your iPhone or iPad, there are dozens upon dozens of choices just waiting for you in the App Store.

From ‘Evernote’ to ‘Google Docs’ and beyond, how you organize can take a thousand different forms depending on your preference of how to stay on top things.

Centrallo is an excellent organizational tool that’s built with your time management and peace of mind at the forefront of development.

This highly functional app, from Centrallo LLC, allows you a simple way to organize without spending a cent or breaking a sweat.










Features: 5/5

Centrallo is definitely forward thinking, and hopes to aggregate your schedule and make it easier for you to manage the many facets of your life.

First, you’ll get a free and speedy download from the app store, especially considering the latest update of the App leaves it at just under 15 MB.

Then, you’ll need to sign in with a valid email address and allow the app access to some of your schedule-sensitive information. Allow notifications; allow access to camera, etc. to ensure you get full use of the app.


The app as a whole boasts a huge amount of features. Some of the most notable are real-time synchronization with your information, the ability to create unlimited lists and add photos, voice notes or links to your lists, organize tabs by priority, prioritize trusted email senders and refer friends for additional Cloud Storage.

Concept and Functionality: 5/5

The app is clean and is built with the aesthetics of Uber in mind, utilizing a clean black interface with greys and whites for fine-point text.

The functionality you need to help you stay organized in a group has not been overlooked.

It’s a simple matter to forward links using the notification widget, share lists (which can be multi-tiered) with friends and co-workers, share lists via a private webpage with non-Centrallo users, and put a pause on a workflow by forwarding an email to the Centrallo inbox.

Centrallo downloads almost instantly, and in our experience never glitched or stuttered.

All in all, we found the construction to be lightweight yet comprehensive, and generally impeccable within the app.

Overall Value: 5/5

If marketed to the right demographic, we think this app can definitely take off and make leaps and bounds in a short amount of time.

The download is free for now, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see a $2.99 price tag on it in the near future.

Given the level of functionality, ease of use and the fact that this is a free app makes this one is an absolute no-brainer – download it now!