Call Levels Provides You With Free Real-Time Financial Alerts

Call Levels Provides You With Free Real-Time Financial Alerts

Everybody is looking for a smarter way to keep track of, and even increase their awareness of, what goes on in the financial world.

If you’re accustomed to tuning in to NPR’s marketplace or Bloomberg Radio and checking your native stock-ticker app repeatedly throughout the day, we may have a better alternative.

Call Levels, from Call Levels Pte. Ltd.,brings a refreshingly simple approach to keeping track of Forex and Commodities markets, an activity that is typically complicated and requires constant upkeep.

call levels

Download the app, create an account and verify your email address. Then, login and select your financial asset of choice. Slide a meter to the desired level (positive or negative) and get immediate alerts on your mobile device if the price is hit.

We especially love that this app provides real-time data to users and their friends for up to the second information, free of charge! Say goodbye to 15 minute delays or paying extra for real-time financial data.

Features: 4/5

For newbies, the app does a great job of breaking down some complicated information into the easiest possible terms.

It boasts a clear and succinctly labeled interface to help you navigate and delivers a wide array of asset categories for you to choose from. It even allows you to add your friends email to your notifications watch list so that they’ll be hit with the same real-time updates that you are.

Currently the watch list of the app is as follows: Forex (foreign exchange) and Commodities (Precious Metals). They claim that Equities and Indices, Other Commodities, and Customized Market Snapshots will be added soon. We hope they don’t take too long since these features will no doubt be important to many users.

With only the ability to keep track of Forex and Commodities the appeal of this app will be somewhat limited, but for those who track those markets, this app will be very useful.

Concept and Functionality: 5/5

For anyone who is interested in Forex or Commodities this app brings a lot to the table and shows how keeping track of equities and other commodities will be just as simple.

If you’re new to the game, you may have trouble understanding the layout or the indexes being measured, but this app will help you move forward and learn more about this all important field.

For those in a learning mode, you may just want to download this app as a little helper. Between reading a few basic articles and playing within the app, you may be able to get a feel for a slice of the financial world that you don’t know too much about, and be a bit less daunted by the nuances of it.

Overall Value: 4.5/5

All in all, this app breaks down extremely complicated markets into easy to watch lists, and offers plenty of value to the user for no cost, which is a good first lesson in finance right off the bat.

So, whether you’re a seasoned stock broker or are just looking to learn a little bit more, Call Levels is definitely worth a download.

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