BlueChatBox Rolls All Your Favorite Messaging Features Into One

BlueChatBox Rolls All Your Favorite Messaging Features Into One

We love to message. We also love to chat, banter, call, text, ping, prod, poke and fill in your choice of verbs to keep the list going.

Twitter alone reports that users “tweet” a cumulative 500 Million times per day. Now if that doesn’t prove we’re a communicative species by nature, nothing will. We will never hesitate to try the latest and greatest form of new communication on the market, and are always looking to communicate with both friends and loved ones alike.

That’s where BlueChatBox, from Tony Jiang, comes in.

BlueChatBox combines functions of iMessage and SMS with features from WhatsApp, Skype and beyond to become a force all of its own.

This app combines a full array of excellent features to ultimately become a messaging service unlike any other, making BlueChatBox a must have for your communication rotation.


This app is totally free and helps you chat with friends or strangers with total customization. You can find people nearby, chat with community managers, post status updates and even customize themes around chats and moods.

BlueChatBox hosts conversations via its own network, so in a vein similar to iMessage, it allows you to message to your hearts content without incurring SMS fees.

This extends all the way to an International marketplace, allowing International messages to process without incurring a single penny.

The app is free and can even save you money with this tremendous amalgam of features. This even includes a nifty translation feature, allowing the app to translate messages in dozens of different languages into your native vernacular.

Of course, you can send emoticons too.

Concept and Functionality:5/5

To use the app, simply download, insert your number, confirm a verification code, and you’re all set. In under a minute flat you can have the app on your phone and even start putting it to use.

The app is also light and well constructed. Ultimately we think it could go slightly further with an aesthetic overhaul. The list of features is so strong, that masking them in a haphazard array of colors is just about the only downside to the entire experience. Still, functionality is strong enough to keep the app from losing any points.

Overall Value:5/5

The app is off to a fantastic start and combines popular features to become an entirely unique and original app. All in all, BlueChatBox is a fantastic creation worthy of a tweet, text, ping and more.

BlueChatBox requires iOS 7 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

TheiPhoneAppReview’s rating:5/5

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