BCast Gives Ustream A Run For Its Money

BCast Gives Ustream A Run For Its Money

Yes, you have a Twitter, Google +, Facebook and LinkedIn account. But why not one more Social Media profile, just to round it all out? You might share your live streams via Ustream.tv, and you might share your finished videos via YouTube, but how do you broadcast your live streams from mobile to mobile? How about TV to mobile, or countless other combinations of seamless , cloud-communicated broadcast? BCast answers this question by launching an “open live mobile broadcasting platform”, enabling users to connect in real time and navigate a huge, living world of live streams via their smartphone.

Features: [Rating:4.5/5]

The app itself has an unfortunately clunky login, so you’ll need to download, create an account, authorize via email, and then login (again) to the app in order to get started. The lack of “guest” option, and the 5 minute wait for the email authorization kills the buzz created by a successful download, but eventually you get in and start to poke around the app itself.

The app is broken into a few central components: “Categories”, “BCasts”, “Live BCast”, “My Profile” and “Channels”. Navigation is easy enough, and you can link into somebody’s live stream at any time. The app opens you up to countless other channels and users, and definitely has a thriving community thus far.































Concept and Functionality: [Rating:4.5/5]

I wasn’t blown away by any of the videos I found, but we can hardly fault the developers for that. I found videos labeled “apartment” that let me watch snow melt, and I found a video named “LOL” that I still haven’t figured out. Regardless of content (or lack thereof) it’s functionality that scores points here, as the streaming is fast and sharp.

Overall Value: [Rating:4.5/5]

Remember when “Chatroulette” was popular, before the mainstream broke away and left the medium for Snapchat and less inherently perverse forms of communication? Well, we hope that won’t happen to “BCast”, but it will need a few tweaks to break into the five-star category. A name like “A-List Broadcast” or something that doesn’t make users feel inherently like B-listers would be an immediate boon. This coupled with a smoother aesthetic layout and guest login option would punch the app up a few slight notches. Still, for a recent advent, the app is going strong and will be a fan favorite for Ustreamers and video fanatics alike.


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