• Apps like Textkraft are a rare breed. These apps are so damn comprehensive that they beg to be used by a desktop counterpart, and the fact that they’re designed and driven toward iOS is simply boggling. Weighing i […]

  • Does Apple really need another way to dominate the tech marketplace? Probably not. But of course it’s going to invent one anyway. Since the advent of the iPhone in 2007, it’s seen its logo gradually manifest in […]

  • Using your mobile device to play music is always a nice treat. Whether it’s streaming from Spotify or curating a playlist on Soundcloud, your iPhone or iPad can bust out some pretty loud tunes, and will sound e […]

  • ADAM ISAAC ITKOFF wrote a new post 10 years ago

    Snapchat came onto the scene and totally re-invented the wheel when it comes to methods of communicating between iPhones and mobile devices. By erasing sent and received messages after 10 seconds or less, the […]

  • When the Arab Spring took the Middle East by storm several years ago, we saw that New-age forms of social networking apps were rapidly changing our global landscape from the inside out. This was primarily driven […]

  • Who knew that your iPhone or iPad could be an instrument? Or even better than a single instrument, an entire band! With the innovative and highly creative Beamz App, you’re now at the musical helm and are free t […]

  • The CallerSmart App is awesome for a variety of reasons. Reason number one; your ex has been calling you every Saturday night for the last three weekends. Reason number two; you’ve gotten an intriguing text m […]

  • In the last five years, SoundCloud has stormed into the digital music realm at incredible speeds. From the impossibly orange logo to the name itself, SoundCloud has made storing music digitally as easy and […]

  • Sunshine simple weather forecast is one of those rare and delightful little apps that throws absolutely no punches. It does exactly what it says that it will do, and has absolutely no downside to downloading. The […]

  • Wave Radio is a new radio alternative that’s bound to take the iOS world by storm. This app is going to be a favorite of music connoisseur’s, as it puts regional based radio stations to shame. Want to know wha […]